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Housie products designed in New Zealand especially for New Zealand conditions

Housie is a great fundraiser. Once set up, it can provide your Society or Club with a valuable source of regular funds. We offer an extensive range of products specifically designed for New Zealand Housie, including compatibility with our powerful Ultra Series – the foremost Bingo/Housie series ever devised.

Facts you should note

Housie can only be run by a “Society” and is exclusively for fundraising purposes. It is relatively “easy to run” with few restrictions. It does not require a permit so long as the requirements of the Housie Regulations are met:

  • With all Housie sessions you are required to pay in prizemoney no less than 70% of takings.
  • With Class 1 you can run daily sessions but are restricted to a combined prize money total of $500.00.
  • With Class 2 you can run weekly sessions but are restricted to a combined prize money total of $5000.00. Should this be exceeded you contravene the law and can be prosecuted.

However application can be made for a Class 3 License with which you can legally exceed this limit.

Housie Game Rules

Police Guidelines on Housie

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