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BONUS Strike

Bonus strike raffle tickets from Housie Direct

A big little fundraiser!

Our top seller sealed raffle with 40 colourful, attractive designs. Comes in a carry pad of 10 x 4up tickets that are perforated for easy separation.

40 pads in one pack.

Each pad is serial numbered for security.

With first time sales customers are actively sought. Note is made of those who have bought and the next week they are approached and offered a repeat ticket(s) and you simply collect the cash.

Whilst it is often linked to the Lotto Draw the winning number can be randomly drawn and then shown on a particular website or social media.

Traditionally $2.00 per ticket has been charged but of more recent times this has ballooned out to $5.00, $10.00 … and even $100.00.

A good way is to sell 39 tickets and allocate a free one for the ticket seller of the particular pack. This means that an exact copy of the ticket in the raffle is retained and it shows the picture and the serial number. Very useful for awarding prizes to the correct player.

The profit may be small but it’s there every week. When the demand exceed the available 39 tickets for sale you simply start another raffle and so on until the demand is satisfied. In this way the weekly profit can grow significantly and all for relatively little effort!

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