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Is there an easy way to tear Housie ticket strips?

Aussie-Rollover-SystemAustralian-Style Housie tickets use what is called the “rollover 4” system which allows for 2 sixes or 3 fours to be torn into sub-sections from a strip of twelve without striking doubled-up numbers.

But what if you wish to tear 4-5-6-7 or 6-7-8-9, or elsewhere in the strip? You will strike double-up numbers.

As players don’t like this you have two options:

Be very careful in selling or pre-tear into bundles of 6s, 4s or 3s. This latter option is what many Housie organisers have adopted. It’s the “easy way out” to overcome the problem. Admittedly it makes for faster selling but it is impossible to sell in sequence and more importantly almost impossible to know what has been sold.

And thus you lose an important control point to determine your sales, balance with cash and decide on what your houses should be. It also goes without saying that at best you only have an inkling of what the range of books in play.

ultra-no-wate-systemWith the ULTRA Easy-Tear No-Waste System these problems do not arise. There are in fact four ways in which a strip of six can be torn… just tear on the arrows.

But tear any other sub-section of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and you have TOTAL FREEDOM without fear of striking a double-up.

This means that you can, as you should, issue sequentially. Having noted the first book sold and keeping strips in sequence, you will not only know precisely the quantity sold but also the book numbers that have been sold. In the event that a player claims a prize with a ticket of a book outside of the range you know to have been sold you are entitled to refuse to pay the prize. In fact this is what you should do according to the law as it would be “unfair” to paying players, and in reality it amounts to thieving.